About our company

Asian safety.com was founded in 1972 and we’ve manufactured safety labels since 1999.

We’ve served the needs of over five thousands of product manufactures and facility owners in many industries of Japan, North America, European and Asian countries.

Safety labels of Japanese, English, Chinese, Brazilian are available so far and we will manufacture the safety labels of other Asian languages.

We can be help with your expanding and diversity exports to Asian countries.

Our brands

Asian Safety.com is run by Graph. corp. which is located in Aichi pref., Japan.

All our manufactures that you can see on this website are made by screen printing.

With over nearly two decades of experience in printing business, we’ve met the high requirements of Japanese companies and served the highest quality products.

We take care of details at each phase of the manufacturing process and pack the products with the greatest care.

We will provide free samples of safety labels for interested visitor.

Get a better feel of our safety label!