How to buy

  • You can make payment by PayPal.
  • Immediately upon completion of credit-card transactions, we will ship orders from stock by EMS.

Your delivery time will depend on the destination address.

  • If the stock is insufficient it will take a few days to dispatch .

Or , ships are divided into two degrees .

  • Please if the tariff is applied is received by the rule that a defined your country .
  • You can only do online ordering.
  • However orders by email, phone, and fax are not available, please contact us by email, phone and fax if you have any questions!!!

We look forward to working with you!!!

  • You can get free shipping with purchases of $120 or more.

  • Volume discount
Over 30pic -5
Over 50pic -15
Over 80pic -20
Over 100pic -25
Over 200pic -30
Over 300pic -35
Over 400pic -38
Over 500pic -40